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You've Been Invited to a Dinner Party!

On the Menu for International Women's Day:

The End of an Era: NYC's Metro Pictures Will Close Its Doors

Exhibition View: Cindy Sherman, Metro Pictures, New York (26 September–31 October 2020). Courtesy Metro Pictures, New York.

Over the weekend, the art world was saddened to learn that after more than 40 years at the helm of exhibition innovation, Metro Pictures in New York City will close its doors later this year. Helene Winer and Janelle Reiring — the two trailblazing gallerists whose programming spearheaded the Pictures Generation Movement in the 1980s and who championed the likes of female artists Cindy Sherman, Sherrie Levine, and Louise Lawlerover the decades — say it was simply, “the right moment.” Meanwhile, with “the anticipated arrival of a very different art world,” cited as a catalyst for their decision to close, the rest of us are left wondering what exactly looms ahead and how we should prepare to move forward.

Heartfelt reactions from esteemed artists, gallerists and critics flooded social media over the last two days…

So, what do we do next? This news elucidates that our little microcosm, that is to say, “the art world,” is profoundly impacted by the contributions made by women. There's only one thing for us to do. We must continue to preserve this impact not only through celebration, but also, by sowing seeds so that these contributions may continue to grow and breathe life into our atmosphere. A pioneer in feminist art and education, the formidable Judy Chicago once astutely stated:

“The truth is that for centuries women have struggled to be heard, writing books, making art and music and challenging the many restrictions on women’s lives. But their achievements have been repeatedly written out in history.”

Today, on International Women’s Day, we are excited to underscore some of these many achievements made by women in art. And in the spirit of Judy Chicago, we thank them all for throwing one hell of a Dinner Party, every single day. Now, eat up! But don’t forget to say grace...

- Suzy Sabla

Who Runs the World? GIRLS!

And much like a fine cliché, tried tested and true, sometimes there's no better way to get the message across, so we'll leave it to the girls...

Guerrilla Girls, Dearest Art Collector, 1986.

Jim Kempner Fine Art Presents:


Soho Dreams, 1987

Etching and aquatint

25 1/4 x 30 5/8”

Edition 71 Available at Jim Kempner Fine Art

"A line, color, shapes, spaces, all do one thing for and within themselves, and yet do something else, in relation to everything that is going on within the four sides [of the canvas]. A line is a line, but [also] is a color. . . . It does this here, but that there. The canvas surface is flat and yet the space extends for miles. What a lie, what trickery—how beautiful is the very idea of painting."

—Helen Frankenthaler

Sims Reed Gallery Presents:

Exhibition View: Eileen Cooper, Sims Reed Gallery, London (4 March–2 April 2021). Courtesy Sims Reed Gallery, London.

Eileen Cooper: Nights at the Circus

Eileen Cooper was the Keeper of the Royal Academy of Arts in London from 2010 to 2017 and was the first woman to hold this role in the history of the Academy. The artist's work touches on magical realism, the female figure and experience and mythology. This makes her the perfect person to bring Angela Carter’s novel Nights at the Circus, first published in 1984, to life! To view the online viewing room, please visit Sims Reed Gallery.

ARTContent Editions Limited Presents:


Berlin, 2018

Silkscreen Print in 39 Colours

36” x 45” (Image)

40” x 48” (Paper)

Edition of 150

Available at ARTContent Editions Limited

Also This Week: Women Making Strides

Woman owned and run Pegasus Prints partners with Sidel & McElwreathand Serving the People for Group Show 3; Gallery 1957 in Accra, Ghana launches first ever art prize dedicated to female African artists; and Amy Sherald's iconic painting of Breonna Taylor is Being Jointly Acquired by the Smithsonian and the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.

Literally Speaking:

Because Knowledge is Power

Here are a couple of ARTContent's favourite books about Women in Art, for our readers and their kiddos...

Click images to purchase.

Food for Thought:

Invest in Female Agency

Guerrilla Girls,When Racism And Sexism Are No Longer Fashionable, How Much Will Your Art Collection Be Worth?, 1989.

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