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Person, Place, Thing: Paula Scher, The World & The Madness of Art

Person: Paula Scher

Whether we are sitting at our newly-crafted home desks or laying on the couch, it seems there’s a restlessness in all of us; like there’s not enough work to do and not enough rest in which to revel to pass the time. Article after article, our daily feeds lead us to new levels of speculation and uncertainty. Meanwhile, there’s only so much our eyes can handle, perpetually glued to the screen for distractions. This week, ARTContent Editions Limited is excited to share the perfect balance of entertainment and calm with our readers. Artist Paula Scher joins Randy Cohen on his podcast, “Person, Place, Thing,” which was recorded at the Museum of Art & Design in New York City in February 2020, before the madness hit us all. When you’re ready: get comfortable, close your eyes, and enjoy as Paula Scher takes you through her world, starting with maps…

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Place: The World

As art lovers, we all appreciate the ability that a work of art has to capture our attention and to allow a moment of reprieve.  At ARTContent, the relevance of Scher’s work — and its ability to unite us even during uncertain times — is something that we celebrate.

World Trade Routes, USA Distances, Rome, Berlin, Tokyo and London are all available for purchase at Jim Kempner Fine Art in New York City. 

Please call Jim Kempner Fine Art to schedule a private viewing or to inquire for purchase. The gallery is working closely with a local mover in NYC for deliveries and can arrange for international shipments, where possible. 

T: 212-206-6872


Thing: The Madness of Art

Speaking of madness and for anyone looking for a laugh; take a peep at Jim Kempner’s quick-witted and satirical take on, “What's so funny about the art world?” in his web mini-series, The Madness of Art.

Click Here to Watch The Madness of Art

Let Us Know...

At ARTContent, we are interested to hear how you’ve been passing the time in isolation. Who are the people, where are the places and what are the things that stir wonderment for you? Let us know! We’ll be following up with some highlights from our readers…stay tuned and stay safe!

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