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A Love Letter...

Dear Marc,

I remember my first time wandering the rooms of the Museum of Modern Art and coming across

“I and the Village.” I was stopped dead in my tracks. My heart sunk. I suddenly went from standing curiously in a white room to flying through the lightness of colour, a certain, loving smile on my face. Exploring the nuances of your mind, soul and history as I continued to trace your every brush stroke with my eyes, I felt that I saw a part of myself, in you. The way that you spoke of your love for your village on that canvas, I speak of my love for you in words.

The rigidity of life is lost in the grace of the liminal moments you share through paint. You are a rich marrow that fills the backbone of what art should make one feel. You are a waltz under starlight in a world far too dim, too fast. You are a catcher of dreams in life’s flurry of nightmares. And you remain the capturer of my heart. I’m just sorry we never met.

Today I stare longingly at “Double Visage,” a two-headed figure sitting eloquently at the centre of a circus. And what do I see? I don’t see you and this proclamation of love you assert for another, staring back at me. I see a violin and hear a Mozart quartet — how apt. It’s us. And you in me, the very same way I saw me in you, on that day long, long ago. The circus stopped then and I’ve been waltzing ever since. It most certainly is love.

So, won’t you be my Valentine, Marc…s’il vous plaît? You see, because I simply don’t believe in unrequited love, not when the music keeps playing... Forever yours,

Suzy Sabla

Marc Chagall

Double Visage (M.925)


Colour Lithograph on Arches watermarked paper, signed by the artist in pencil

Paper Size: 44cm x 56.5cm

Image Size: 26.5cm x 34.5cm

Edition 20/50


Printed by: Mourlot Freres, Paris, France

Published by: Andre Sauret, Paris, From "Regards sur Paris" Available for acquisition. Please inquire.

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